Trump blamed for Capital Riots

From underestimating the severity of a pandemic to clearly inciting violence with their own supporters, the 45th presidency was as entertaining to watch as a car crash. Scary, but hard to look away from. Donald Trump had inspired two impeachments, half of all impeachments successfully passed through the house. Comes to show that just because you can make history, doesn’t mean you should.

Right before the attack on January 6th, Donald Trump was on the way out of the white house, but not so eager to relay the job to Biden. After years of rallies where Trump would advocate for violence between his supporters against other democratic groups, it seems too coincidental when his supporters are then called upon to take action. Like soldiers awaiting battle, they stood by for orders. 

Only hours before the attack began, another intense rally was held by the former president, featuring guest speakers like Alex Jones, who hyped the crowd up by mentioning a now popular slogan within his supporters, ‘Fight for Trump’. With tensions boiling over, there was not much left to do but unleash the dogs. President Trump declared towards the end of his speech that ‘if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore’. A threat his supporters did not take lightly; moments after that rally the crowd felt invited by the president to take action inside the capitol hill.

Thousands of protestors swarmed the capitol; proud boys organizers were captured by multiple cameras breaking windows, pushing past outnumbered cops, and strategizing to obtain lawmakers with intent to kill. Alongside the proud boys, more than a dozen extremist groups took part in ‘making America great again’ such as Anon and Oath Keepers and Three Percenters. Claims of Antifa organizations being there have since been debunked.

During the riots, a lynching station was set up outside the capital intended for ‘journalists and lawmakers’. Assumedly, political figures Trump supporters don’t agree with- people like Nancy Polisi. Rioters could be seen vandalizing capitol hill, aggressively shouting ‘Where’s Nancy!?’ as they tore down her office. In pence’s office, a note left by rioters read ‘It’s only a matter of time- justice is coming’ was discovered by police, leading to the arrest of John A Chesley. Many rioters claimed that there was no ill intent behind the searches, still if given the opportunity their actions show a far sinister execution of power. 

With last year having one of the highest rises in unemployment claims, you have to wonder if protests like these have to do with Americans teeter tottering on and off the line of poverty. To say that revolting against a government is wrong, is to look past how this country was founded. While looking at the Trump supporters who stormed the capital, it becomes apparent that they were not starting from the bottom. Nope, they’re on top. Some supporters, like Jason Hyland or Kathrine Schwab, flew to the event with their friends and family in private jets. Similar to a Disney world vacation, except people died. While other supporters had enough financial backing to bail out of jails, with bail set at fifty thousand dollars and over.

Not only were they above the law to some extent financially, but they even felt entitled to private property. Fuck, rioters took debate tables like they were souvenirs from a San Francisco gift shop. Footage from inside looks a lot more like an amusement park, then a war zone. Keep in mind, this riot did cause 5 deaths, 4 protestors and 1 cop. To say Trump’s supporters are fighting to win their country back, is to say they don’t already have it.

With the attack on capitol hill, it’s hard to see what the end goal was intended to be. While looking into the transfer of power, from former president trump to Biden replacing him, it seems that this was Trump’s last grasp for power. This riot was less about his supporters, and more about him. As a sitting president, Trump has weakened alliances and refused to help Americans logically. Keeping him in power is a bad reason to storm the capital, consider why other governments get overthrown? To challenge inhuman health care or change a law for the better. It would be foolish to look at an uprising about affordable health care and compare them to the capital riots as if they were equal. The capital riots were a foolish display of the worst tendencies in America, and the racism that’s enabled.

Donald Trump hosting ‘Save America March’ rally before the capitol riot (left) and a knuse set up by Trump supports in front of the capital. (right) Photos taken by Getty Images Chief Photographer Win McNamee.

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