Minimalism is just Rich people cosplaying as the poor

Minimalism emerged in the late 1950s when artists such as Frank Stella, whose Black Paintings were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1959, began to turn away from the exclusive art of previous generations. A beautiful start to an agonizing trend, if you ask me. Minimalism was set to defyContinue reading “Minimalism is just Rich people cosplaying as the poor”

How the Vietnam War inspired Protest & Hope musically

It is a few decades too late for the current generation to experience the hate that engulfed the world during the Vietnam war; however, anti-war music continues to illustrate a timeless perspective. The Anti-war theme paved the way for current generations to express hope and have a voice politically. Not only did 70s protest musicContinue reading “How the Vietnam War inspired Protest & Hope musically”

Oregon woman arrested for not returning overdue books

ASHLAND, OR- When Ashland was originally founded in 1852 the community never expected literacy to come into fashion. Nowadays, we find that the 21st century has a lot more to offer than book burnings and biblical mentalities. As we currently dangle over the edge of post pandemic life, a small town library is facing injusticeContinue reading “Oregon woman arrested for not returning overdue books”

OPINION: Reasons why Country music makes your ears bleed

At one point or another you might have heard someone say ‘I like all types of music except country.’ This musical disgust begs the question, how can so many people quickly dismiss country music as a good category for music. Could it be because it’s terrible? Sure, but there’s no way that that many peopleContinue reading “OPINION: Reasons why Country music makes your ears bleed”

Ashland Rallies for Racial and Social Equity Commission

As we approach the anniversary of George Floyd’s deadly encounter with Minneapolis police officer Derek Chavin, more instances of racial injustice prevail with next to no accountability. As the city braces for a verdict on George Floyd’s case, protests continue to engulf the United States while citizens demand systematic reform and change. In the cityContinue reading “Ashland Rallies for Racial and Social Equity Commission”

Cognition & Consent

If you were diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s there’s a word that would start to pop up: continence. Which refers to someone’s compacity to think for themselves, from urination to sex. The lack of cognition in an individual somewhat defines their state of mind with a lack of restraint, usually through some sort of assessmentContinue reading “Cognition & Consent”

Top Best 5 Vacation Spots (for Assisted Suicide)

#1: Santa Cruz, CA Have you ever wished you could choke on a churro, but don’t have a boardwalk to do it at? Well, now you’re in luck! At this lovely Californiacation get away, you’ll be sure to find enough ocean to hide hundreds of body parts, young and old- it’s a family friendly resort.Continue reading “Top Best 5 Vacation Spots (for Assisted Suicide)”

Trump blamed for Capital Riots

From underestimating the severity of a pandemic to clearly inciting violence with their own supporters, the 45th presidency was as entertaining to watch as a car crash. Scary, but hard to look away from. Donald Trump had inspired two impeachments, half of all impeachments successfully passed through the house. Comes to show that just becauseContinue reading “Trump blamed for Capital Riots”